Thursday, December 04, 2008

My day today.. KLCC > KL sentral > KTM > SJ

,my oh my..

Crazy travelling today, why? coz i dint drive to work today...coz i wanted to feel the life of train ! getting squash by bootylicious girls...! and guys!! (SUCKS) drive. all train.. so whats new? nothing coz its all smelly and soaky and mushy and phewit! after work, at kl, i walk towards klcc and wanted to take the train back..but then, there were just tooooo many people waiting for the train, zo i zezided to have a cup of starbucks first! initally, wanted to walk to pavillion for illy! but then, its just too FAR! so klcc it is..

and to my shocking brains, there were so many peeps sitting by the klcc garden, looking at the pond and chatting away! DONT THEY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO":? like go home?? or sit @ a coffee house ma!

but then they were enjoying themselves after a hard days work i gueeesss. As for me.. its dooom , coz its really consumes alot of time taking the train, ya know?

but its a good idea once in a while to try things differently! and it gives ur life a sparkle of change! so there it is... a day with the train... got me all squashed UP with peeps sweat and B.O!boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! almost fainted! go get perfume or something peeps! if u know u have bad BO!

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