Saturday, December 13, 2008


Saturday has commenced, and its a really wet day Wondering what would happen today...what would happen tomorrow or the day after. this makes it a surprise.

baby tigger was @ Ministry of Sound last night, along with Dj Davide Succi and the Asia dolls.! we rocked the danced floor! and it was the first time i have ever been to the DEck of MOS. its Really interesting, where u have lots of girls standing behind the deck and doing dirty dance! wooot! nice! really nice! At the deck u can see the whole dance floor! and watch my deejay - Davide Succi Rock the peeps around the floor!"over the rainbow so high"

Alright lets have a nice holiday season coming its way to town, and i 'll be residing in Northam hotel this season! woook! damn its going to be really good and relaxing! Swimming and all! muaha! thanks to CHIVAS REGAL

now lets your eyes be glued for a while.....on ms. nikky!

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