Wednesday, December 24, 2008

hope u have a merrry berry christmas! 2008

Just a few more hours and its time to celebrate….lets celebrate the world of joy and world of happiness, even though I think that Christmas is just another day, honestly, we run our life daily because of this small small occasion, we celebrate tonight is because its Christmas and its because it’s a holiday. Therefore a lot of peep would take this opportunity to go clubbing. Then again, peeps that clubs, always club during the weekends, so does it makes a different?

We always do something for a reason, and the reason is always just another way out of another thing. Right? We do it , then sometimes we regret it, sometimes we thought that it is alright doing it. But heck, do we actually know what we are doing?

Many of us, do things just because other people does it, or merely just because we want to have that extra bit of fun at that point of time, do we actually think of the things that we are doing that might hurt others? Maybe u think that its just a white lie, then again, think twice. We do not know what others feel, but there are always a selfish self that does all those things coz we wanted that extra rush in life. But it hurts a lot to others.

A lot of people also do things at very bad manner, just for them to succeed in their evil plan, they don’t care about other people’s feelings, they will do anything they can do achieve their evil plan. So I look down at these people! And mark my words, in the future, you would have the same medicine in your whole body that will make u suffer even more. I am a person who will not harm you unless u harm me. So lets face it, no matter who you are. I will come back with a vengeance. When the storm hits you back, please don’t come back to me and make so much of a nuisance. I come with peace , I leave with peace, I come with vengeance I leave with happiness.. Trust me u have no idea who I’m talking about., but when time comes u will know. Coz I will leave my trace for u to see. And even if I don’t, the world will do something you .

Thank you and merry Christmas.

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