Thursday, December 04, 2008

Movement in life 2008 december

Big change is about to happen.. big risks are about to come. Big dreams are in vision. and all systems are ready for the big movement in baby tiggers life. So are we ready to rock the world? .... things will materialize on this idea before the new year songs are being played worldwide.

If life was always just following the normal path, then there is no excitement in it, as we have nothing to do but to just follow the norms of life, but now i am in a position to request for a different and new path that i always wanted to to move in that way. but we cant have both path, we can only have one, so we always have to give up on the other, as we are just starting off, so there is always oppourtunity cost involved!

-endless babytigger- thanks for the support on my blog!

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