Tuesday, December 30, 2008

brand new year.. 2009 Ox year

Alot of fire is fuming around the air. i dont want any more fire to be created.. just want some water to cool it down. Get me a fire extinguisher.! i need one now.

Just 2 more days and a brand new year is coming. And its really a new year The year 2009 in 48 hours or less.. There are no plans this year, as i have lost myself. Its going to be a new year with everything new. thats what i hope..no more problems, no more health issues, family issues, career issues, life issues and others. just hope 2009 can be a better year, as 2008 has given me alot of ups and downs. When the ups comes, it really comes, and when the down pours, it hits me straight at the face. so lets hope 2009 can be a little different.

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