Tuesday, December 30, 2008

daily dreams...

today is the 30th of december..1 more day to go and we have a super new year. With all the recessions and inflations going around, we are certain that more bad things are going to happen in the market......and more people are going to lose their jobs, business going to end up wrapping up..and more rainy days are expected. this are all eminent and it cant be stop in one day or two. so hope u all will keep as much cash in hand than spending it on unnecessary stuffs ya! keep an extra dollar a day could turn out to be a helpful return in the coming rainy days.

Let Guru Tigger gives u a helping knowledge that GT has been doing in the recent year..

Guru tigger wishes that everyone find a boX, a big bottle, or any container than allows u to keep items in it. cut a hole on the upper container / box.

then turn it into a nice coin box! or so to say cash box!

now, all u have to do is ................>>>>>>>>

keep a dollar in that container everyday... and also all the excess change in terms of coins into the container.... whether if its 10cents, 50 cents, 5 cents or what ever denomination it is..

or even if u have like 5-10 dollars, in ur pockets after a day's outing, put it in the container....and u 'll see it value of money, as and when u need it. it might not be much, but its better than nothing.

Guru tigger has been practising it for one year, and to my suprise, i managed to accumulate about RM681 ! and thats all fromt the daily coins, and dollar notes..that was put into the box!

AS phrase mentioned " lama lama jadi bukit " so lets start this now and u'll be suprise when u actually count all the coins and notes inside!

Here is another saving tips by Guru Tigger!

wtih lots of love!

lets hope for a better day ahead! =)

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