Wednesday, January 28, 2009


third day of cny,..was again busy sleeping all day....then went to pyramid for walk walk awhile waiting for dad to come and eat dinner...but ended we went home and till now still no dinner... hungrie hungrie me! this is because dad is temaning his mummy @ hospital..which is my grandma! so yeah..we waiting for the results before we go and eat dinner..

so all finger cross that grandma is alright..and safe! she got admitted not too long ago yeah waiting for the result lo..

Talking back at pyramid just now, so many people back already from their kampungs and alot of people i know also started working already. PRetty CRUEL hor... so short holiday this year. normally we would have longer holidays ..or probably last time when i was still a student we can have long holidays and effortless fun during the festive holiday! =)) **i want to be a studnet again*

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