Wednesday, January 21, 2009

work styles

holiday season is coming and that we are all going to be very enjoying..but alot of people are not really going to enjoy this chinese new year, due to the workload available at office or tight deadlines, where superiors are neglecting the happiness of their staffs and not allowing them to enjoy + taking leaves! come on! annual leaves are meant to be takeng by staffs! if everytime an employee would like to take his/her annual leave, but gets a rejection! then how? i am so sorry but some people are just so racist! they tend to only allow themselves to take leave during their own festive! likewise, chinese new year is nothing big to them, but they will tell u if u take an extra day, its going to make a different.... a big different.. there goes the deadline...

the staff explained, that i will be back working for u on a replacemenet for my leave!

senior = no ... u come back and work saturday sunday and that day u want leave? no way! work all 1 get 3 days more for u to work.. anyway its just chinese new year, whats the biggie!

-=- You see, people are just too one sided! -=-

but thats life, who has power, who have controls.

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