Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rainbow is always a good sign!

its been so long...that i haven seen my self... i am starting to find myself back, and i am happy that i am having this air above me that is starting to clear. Nice breeze can be felt on my skin. This is really nice, with breeze flowing around. Havent seen myself in this position since....Adelaide.

i am just enjoying with a big smile on my face, cause its really something that i have been looking forward for a few years already.

its been so long, that i have this feel... trying to be strong to carry myself out of the Shit hole... and just hold on tight and getting up! and up! wish i never felt in that hole... so now its time to make up on the mistakes and fault that i was always getting myself into.

i am a stronger person this year 2009.. since 2008 has ended, and it has taught me to be stronger that life! We take mistakes and make it as an experience that teaches us to be stronger in facing others in this ever challenging world that we live in.

Take it as GOD is trying to make us stronger and tougher! all the problems we need to capitalize and make GOOOD out of it...

Every Fall is another step that we need to make up with double effort. Every failure is another method of success! coz with 1000 mistakes and failures, it just tells us that there are 1000 ways of creating failure, so lets skip the negativity of it and make it a positive impact to our lives! we are stronger than that and we know we can do it. The reason is , we all faces difficult situation one way or another in our daily encounter....and many have stood up strong! its better to stand up than stay still!

Wish u could fly with me....! to the place that i am in... OVer the rainbow so high!

i must let this flow continue in my everyday of 2009 ! and i want to make a change in 2009! and i am confident it would be a good year!

cheerios! baby tigger ...

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Anonymous said...

happy new year to to u babyjeff :) may this year be a productive and happy one!