Saturday, January 31, 2009


Its Friday night, and guess what I’m doing… doing doing….doing……no your wrong.. I am actually still working working working… isn’t it miserable to be working on Friday nights and the weekends? Oh did I not mention, tomorrow and Sunday as well I’ll be working. Well, I guess what they say, the final days of sufferings. Coz after that I wish I don’t have to suffer like this anymore, or so to say I don’t mind suffering this if its was for my own business. Right, I mean that time every drip of blood u spill for the work its for your own benefits, instead when ur an employee, everything u do is for your bosses to earn big mega bucks, and not even a thanks from them when u work ur head off for them.

With this recession, a lot of people are going to get fired! Or reduced the number of days to work and some even cutting off their monthly salary and bonus! So what the heck! I mean the money within the firm is there, employees are still providing them with the same quality of work but end result of their monthly pay slips just seems so tiny.

The stale news about recession is a lot of people are thankful that they still have a job, to survive their daily expenses. That is true, but how long can u last? If they start to lay off more jobs, and reducing salaries.. not too long I presume. But have u ever heard of the fact that during recessions, many people will go bust! But there are also many people who would prosper? I think that fact is very relatively real, coz at times of recessions, those who has cash are the kings now, they will purchase lands, buildings, shares or even starting a business venture at a lower level cost and just wait for it to grow in a matter of years. Now, that’s why they are richer because of recessions. So are u one of them that has a positive cash flow? If u are, then what are u waiting for, hurry start to look out for a good property or shares and put ur butt thru!! But bear in mind everything is a risk, there is no 100% guarantee in life. So its up to you to determine your risk and rewards.

Kinda hard to escape the truth in life, I guess, and its not easy to strike lottery. ! and how might this Chinese new year change your life? …

I want another holiday!!!! I want I want I want I want! I don’t care but I just want it!!

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