Friday, January 02, 2009

January 2009 2nd day update...

sitting here undfer the pouring rain, thinking of the things thats going on.... oh ya.. if u realise, last night it was raining like cats and dogs, as they say.. and ur friend over here, was crazy enough to be standing under the pouring and just getting tigger's body all drench.... and it felt good.. like when we were kids, we would play with rain water ... out of nothing at all, it just makes u feel refreshing.. eventhough its just rain and its just water muahah! drips drops drips drops... then kabaaam!

well, it was a great night to be under the rain, took a hot shower after than, watch russell peters..had a few indian laughs and jewish cracks, and arabs shooting..then its time to meet my princess of dreams! Even my princes of dreams cant show me the pathway that i am suppose to follow..! so great that i confuse me even more and i just ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz all the way =|

oooh... do u know?? BE@RBRICK series 17 is out! and its RED! woot! time to start collecting some back... i want more and more bears in my jungle...coz tigger;s love bears@@!!

ooooh i saw this belt, RM188 for a totally brandless belt, with lots of compartments in it...nice but reluctant to purhcase it coz its rM188! it is those erm, army, polic belt type.. with gun holster, batton holders, and come other pockets on it.!! it will be in my purchase list... till i get more money 1st! =-) coz recession is already i guess keeping more cash in hand is better than buying an item that has no value besides making me happy.. it does not make my tummy full right! =)

so yeah... that the update!

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