Thursday, January 22, 2009

Avillion, Port dickson 2009 1st holiday trip

Looking at the wide blue beach, really feels excellent, I spent a night at port Dickson over the weekend @ Avillion premium water chalet RM644. The price is actually very expensive, but its really worth it, with the beach right at your balcony, and ur living over the ocean that is so blue.

Nothing beats the sea breeze and the waves sounds that would be surrounding your room. Hmmm..this are the things I did, sleep! Sleep! Sat by the beach and ate a tub of HD ice cream for rm 34.50, anyhow I did not manage to finish the tub of strawberry and mixed berries coz It was just too sweet and I was pretty full at that time. Sat there for about 1 half hours and just staring at the moon and stars that were so bright. I was told, that at the beach, is always the best place to see stars and moon which always tends to be very clear and bright.

Went back to my chalet, and drank some hennessy VSOp, and yet again sat at my lazy chair at the balcony to continue my watch of the skies! Made a wish over there, and lets see if it turns out the way I wished! The sound of the waves was so gooooood till I don’t want to go home, coz its really wonderful. The day I spend @ avillion, made me look at things clearer and see things more positively. I also managed to recoup my self, or so to say I found myself back. Some part of me came back to me that night over the seas. I seem to know what I should do in the coming months ahead and forgo and forgive the things that has already happened in the past. So its time to move forward and look at the brighter side of life.

Ooh.. I love to shower @ the toilet too, its an open aired ceiling that allows you to shower and admires the stars above so high. Refreshing! Took long showers while I was there coz I just makes u feel extra clean after showering there.

Overall babytigger would rate the hotel ambiance 5/5
Customer services 2/5
Cleanliness 4/5
Beach 5/5
Ice cream 5/5
Swimming pool 5/5
Waiter and waitress 1/5

That’s all folks! Will update the pics soooooooon!
With lots of love, baby tigger

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