Monday, January 05, 2009

The Carat Club- C.Club @ pavillion kuala lumpur

hey everyone...

today again i was at the Carat Club for dinner... and its really good! really yummy! i am falling in love with the excellent food that the C.Club provides..

A must try dish is the Forest mushroom and also the Duck Confit. babytigger's 5 star dishes @ the C. Club @ pavillion, kl. try the scallop appetizer too! and the orange juice!!

this is baby tiggers 3rd attempt to indulge @ the C. Club. and it Roxxx! and the service there is excellent!

ooh.. try the white bread too.. cabiata i think.. damn bready feel!

great ambiances, great lighting, great sofas, great view of bukit bintang, great services and best of all, its serve real good FOOD!

A must try restaurant in Pavillion! ***** 5 stars!

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