Monday, January 12, 2009

cleaner kuala lumpur

SOME restaurant owners in Jalan Hujan Rahmat, Taman OUG, voluntarily cleaned their premises after StarMetro had highlighted the area’s dirty condition several times.

Many residents had expressed their unhappiness with the level of cleanliness and overall hygiene in the Chinese coffee shops along the road.

Most were fed up with the owners, who they claimed had turned a blind eye to maintaining cleanliness.

The Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) health department has been swift in taking action to ensure that the owners abide by the rules and regulations imposed.

Recently, StarMetro along with the DBKL officers followed up with one of the owners, who closed down voluntarily for cleaning up purposes.

The owner, Goh Swee Har, said that work began on Jan 5.

Goh, who has been operating for the past 38 years, said she would work harder to maintain a cleaner environment.

She also said the DBKL had issued a compound notice to the shop during the Dec 10 operation.

According to the DBKL officers, they regularly conducted operations in the area.

They said although it was a difficult task to keep the premises clean, the DBKL was firm on those who broke the law.

They said the biggest part had to be played by the owners in ensuring plates are washed at a central station, floors are mopped and swept and excess food was disposed of properly.

They added that the owners and operators must also abide by the rules and regulations set by City Hall.

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