Friday, January 16, 2009

Canton I

the weekend is finally here again and we are off again to a neverland of fun.. as they say weekend are fun but it ends to quick! so lets make things more fun in the 48 hours of weekend. Do something that can create the balance in life... 24hours X 5 days of weekdays is 120 hrs of boredom! so with 48 hrs of weekend, u should utilise it well enough to cover the 120 hrs of boredoms!

Had Canton -I for lunch today... 3 egg tarts , sheong ping = 2 combination of meat plus rice! duck & siew yok! damn delicious and ends it with a nice mango sago pamelo iced thingy. REally made my day! muahaha! @ mid valley! i really like to indulge in food as it is the only thing made available 24 hrs a day! and it can create a sense of happiness, like the wise man say..what u eat is what u are... right! so yeah.. canton-I is recommended for small dishes and also their roast thingy! dont eat the noodles there as they are not very yummy! so eat the roast food! and the egg tarts and dim sums!

Slacking here and there today...just cant wait for saturday! moooo! mooo!! making me excited! muaha!

alright!! thats all for now!

love baby tigger

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