Thursday, January 08, 2009

4th day of the week

Aroloesss! Guess what?? Just as when I was having a piss @ the toilet, I heard an idiot baking a cake in the toilet bowl and listening to his MP3…and also humming the tune of his akon – na na na song….my he must be so inspired by Akon even when he is taking a Shiit. That’s so cool… I never tried that before… so lesson of the day, instead of many who smokes during their baking cake ceremony @ the toilet, try instead the Akon NA na na song and it might be more helpful than taking a puff!! Go and try it now! Only applicable to Akon na na na ! giggles!

Today is just another usual day, with lots of things to be done. That’s why there is so many things to follow up now. I feel like having a nice spa now…. Just relaxing. and the relaxing word is all in baby tigger’s mind for the last 2 weeks. So far, its rewarding to be relax, u feel much fresher and nicer to wake up in the morning! Do u know?? That is u are having good mood, everything else seems to fall in place for you? And makes u think better and ur head starts to spin faster. I have to admit , that I have a fast spinning head that keeps creating opportunity in the intangible side of my life.. something that u can only have vision on, but cant touch nor smell… hmmm.. but maybe one day it will materialize ! and there we go…the new thing in the market.

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