Friday, January 16, 2009

balance life

every one is talking bout balance life.. many peeps only know the word n the meaning ... but have no ideas how to achieve it....

1:don't just think about work n how much u can squeeze in one day.

2:find something u like and do it as n when u feel like doing . it could only take about half hour

3: think positively

4: before u zzzzz listen to music that u like or even listening to relaxation music like the sound of water ... it helps ur mind free.. n gives u a good kick start when u wake up...

5: learn to love ur self .. pamper ur self

6: stop constantly over worked.

with this u can find a balance in the working life. remember when ur over worked ..... just stop awhile n take a walk or puff or just rest.. it helps u to feel calm n fresher !

hugs babyss tigger


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