Saturday, January 24, 2009

the cornerstone of Chinese new year 2009 moo moo ox

We are all going to be enjoying the festival of mandarin oranges this coming Monday the 26th of January 2009, this year CNY came early and we would be celebrating the red red season all around town of Malaysia, there has already been a lot of decorations around town even since 2weeks ago. So lets gather around and have fun with the red red lanterns all around town..

So what s the plan for Chinese new year (Gong xi Gong Xi)? There would be a lot of people getting ready to travel the roads of Malaysia and heads back to their so called “HomeTown” some may even travel 2 places, one the mummy’s side, and the other is the daddy’s side.

Tired as it may sound, but just to have that little smiles, and the fresher air in the Kampungs, can really refreshes yourself. And a little slower pace of life over there…and u can see the differences in the quality in life they have back there.

This festive season allows us to connect back with our distant relatives, cousins, uncle , aunty and grand parents. And re REUNION is back…meaning all of us would gather for dinner, or lunch or even supper to catch up! And the feeling of reunion is really warm!

My sister, just came back from Singapore, even though I don’t have the time to see her yet, I will not miss the reunion dinner to see my sister once again! That’s what siblings are for! Hmmmm…, hoping for big angpow from her and her hubby too! SGD ! woot!

-=-=- I am very naughty! -=-=
I have not even clean my room yet, further more I have 2 rooms at separate locations! An I have to get ready to do my own cleaning this weekend! So its cleaning weekend ! time to wash wash wash wash ! wipe wipe wipe! And also put up some d├ęcor at my new place!

OOOOh…I need to buy stuffs too… for CNY, i haven’t bought my new clothes, jeans, shoes, socks, undies, boxers, belts and so on.. so this weekend would be a lil tight with time coz there are a list of items yet to be purchased.

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