Friday, January 23, 2009

sexual room cleaning


feeling great and happy i am.. things are working out properly. step by step moving upwards now. and the escalator of my life has just been repaired and its going up! next level! ting ting!

Seems to be able to enjoy my life a little bit more, by the days and i 'm loving it. {Plus i am so into this festive season mood! QOOOT! dont know why.. but i'm just simple happy. its a great feel, probably after the port dickson holiday i had! even for that one night i spend in that water chalet, i feel different, a new leaf or leaves has been growing ever since PD.


looking forward to clean my room ovcr the weekend and install new items into my room! so lets go shopping and add some decor in to the life of babytigger! Hmm... bought a few items in the recent weeks, but has yet to place it in my new place. so yes..i 'm going to clean my new place and room this weekend~ so buzz off.. im busy being a maid this weekend.. need to clean house for babytigger! so that can have a great feel of spring cleaning to worship the god of wealth over for a cupp of lattttte! =) come visit me !!

alrite! hugs hugs! night night

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