Friday, November 14, 2008

ASIMO the world's most advanced humanoid robot

ASIMO is the greatest robot in the world today! and its all thanks to HONDA- the power of dreams. truely oh my..

ASIMO is a humanoid. it walks, runs, kick a football...serve u drinks...IT CAN DANCE!! ASIMO knows how to do the CHICKEN dance! u know! damn! very cool!

Asimo is shorter than me by 2 head! but he is really one fantastic creation by he has his dreams since 1986 till today now the creating is so human like!

trust me! he is..

why dont u all drop by to ONE UTAMA - new wing, tomorrow onwards till sunday u can see ASIMO perform right infront of ur own eyes.. SEE him do all those fancy things that we human do everyday! get an chance to talk to ASIMO TOOOO! remarkable!

tomorrow means - FRIDAY 14/11 TILL 16/11 so what are u waiting for... go now! there are also alot of merchandise u can purchase! i already have ! ahah!

below are the a few pics i was taking during the rehearsal!just now. look how anthony talks to the robot! ahaha! and see how ASIMO dances!

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