Saturday, November 22, 2008

This week update - sweet sensations

Current week has been the most fruitful week in this whole 4 months. i managed to get what i want, which is the relaxation and happiness that i have been hoping for.!

it came to me this week, and its good...the feeling just makes everything else go away. u know what i'm talking about?

those baby sleeps....those refreshed faces.. and those happy Feeling! yes i mean it..i got it! 6 days of it already..crosses my lil tigger's paws together and hope it will keep up the momentum! Walla!

Somehow, i managed to keep my head cool, my hair cutttteeeD! my happy MODE just came to me on monday morning when i woke up on the correct side of the bed, which so happen to be the FLOOR. Muahaha! i think i need to wake up more often and find my self lying on the floooor.Babooom!

Sweet sensations
signing a happiness on this blog!

with lots of happiness,
baby tigger =)

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