Sunday, November 23, 2008

Prince william - caught in action!

My oh my, Prince William got caught with his pants down.

The future King of England was caught off guarded while peeing and now photos of his penis is here. Superpaparazzi with long-range cameras managed to get all of the action of the prince while taking a piss at a polo match and have posted the photos online. I bet the queen is in a state of emergency! as she must be dead shocked on the pictures taken of her baby boy! muahahah

all hail the king of england!.

oh ya.. i dont think guys hold thier penis like that... he treat is like a CIGAR...
or probably now guy should start holding it that way so that we can also be some future king! muhahaa!

Guys go try it out and see if ur life changed after doing that! =)

Note- if u want to pee, please go to the toilet guys! and girls too! dont simple take out your water gun and start spraying!

Ladies, enjoy...!

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