Saturday, November 22, 2008

espressamente illy - @ a good deed

What i did on Friday night?...

Went to Kl last night, picked a spot to have dinner. and guess where? ... ting ting ting........ correcto!Espressamente ILLY

the nightlife in kuala lumpur really Rocks. coz it gives u those sweet feeling...that ur away from your SULKY work! muaha!feels like holiday mood / mode when ur happy! i know i sure do feel that way! dont know about u girls and guys!

I was recently told, the reasons why kids are always happy.! coz they dont think much in their daily activities. coz the only thing they think about is what do play next! and what to eat next! and what cartoon to watch next!

i tried all that and now i can tell u that to be happy...its very simple. its not hard its not a problem. You need to first find out whats the problem.. give it a cool head..and think out of your life circle. meaning get urself stuck to some place...sit there and think about the problems that u are having and how to kill it! then find something that u have not been doing for a long long time.. and just get ur fat ass and do it! Walalalalaa bing!

and i also found out that, when we are happy, we think clearer and see things better. our visions turn out clear and the path dont seem so dark and blurry anymore. coz happiness is the power to life. and life is the most important factor in ourselves! AND YES UR RIGHT! so Put on the smiley face and laugh out about anything that comes first in your mind. dont think about others. think about yourself. Do a good deed! and u can see how simple it is to make others happy!

As i mention earlier, i was at Kl.. i took a stroll near bukit bintang, and i saw a young boy sitting by the pathway, and playing the harmonica....The song that was HARMONICAED OUT was so sad.. i cant recall the song title but i sure know its a very sad song. i watched him play it...and i noticed that his left hand was deform! and yes deform! now, can u imagine what the boy has been suffering since his birth? has he ever lost his path even when he has a deformed left hand? and left by the roadside to play music?

maybe he dont even have a proper home or a proper family like we have... and dont have the luxury to eat nice or even proper food daily.

so i decided to donate some money to him... and u can see the smile on his face. its like he just strike a jackpot! or LOTTERY! ... See? how simple to make one human happy? happy? thats simple.

so lets start to love outself. love our life. and the things we have. be contented. and be in a happy mood. we are way better than alot of other people suffering.

i hope u guys understand what i am blogging about.

love Guru tigger

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