Sunday, November 23, 2008

sunday after..

End of the week is here once again.. and its time for a brand new week to begin. So lets see what this week treats all of us alrite?


Get ready for all the mystery for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow and so forth. We never know what tomorrow brings, but if we have our ideas and timetable planned out nicely, then we can have control on ur days ahead.

Today weather is the best! coz its so gloomy and its great to sleep! and later babytigger will take mama tigger and papa tigger for dinner. its always good to remind urself, that our parents love to spend time with us. so dont give ur self any excuses that ur tooo freaking busy. find 2 hours a week and spend it with them. its not hard.! so DO IT! i like to move it move it! and u like to ???? MOVE IT

**Power up and take control - words of wisdom by Guru Tigger**

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Josephine said...

Hey long time no see.
I am a big fan of Pooh. :)
And I like Illy coffee too.
Keep in touch ya.