Sunday, November 09, 2008

the god of light

Soon, the time will come for me to be reinvented. Change is needed! Change must be done. If i can change all the things that are negative in me, i will be a very happy person. Far better than happiness can be found and reinvented i will.

So many things i think i should stop doing and some i need to transform its nature, just waiting for the time to do all those. A revolution its making its way to baby tigger.

We need to be positive in life! Guess I have lost the confidence in myself in being someone that I should be. With a lot of negative effects going thru this baby tiggers life, its hurtful and harmful, coz it just divides the confident levels! As days passed, its just keep dividing and subtracting, but not multiplying and adding.

Skies still as blue and dark as ever, When can I see the sun light coming thru the skies……

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