Thursday, November 06, 2008

- Prince and Princess of Cigarettes -

This is the amount I smoke every day………………..!

Don’t be Crazy la!..where in the world can my lungs fit this amount of smoke???

Now I know why they have this phrase “ the rich gets richers and the poor gets poorer”
Just look at the picture and u will understand that the amount of ciggy people smoke in a day. This is just the amount smoked by the company personnel till lunch time! And what a figure it is already! Not counting those that is on floor and drainage.

People keep spending money to inhale bad chemicals into their body everyday and Companies are getting richer every time people buys their Ciggy! Now the theory has been proved that “ the rich gets richers and the poor gets poorer”

So hurry up and find the prince or princess of a Tobacco Company in any country in the world. At that time u also will be richer coz ciggys would be FREE for u .. muahaha…and u also get to inherit the wealth of all the people purchasing ur BRAND!

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