Thursday, November 20, 2008

How to feel like a kid once again..... ! by guru Tigger

Guru Tigger is back! with more tips on how u can feel like a kid again, even if ur 60 years younG!

try the steps listed.! and u'll be suprise! So what are u WAITING for? DO it now!

1. Think outside of what is proper and what is not. Little kids don't care where they are, they just want to have fun! You have to forget your surroundings and think like a little kid!

2. Do something crazy. Think 'simple and fun'. Do a somersault, run around in a circle, climb a tree, swing on the swingset, slide down the slide, climb on the monkeybars, or do a crazy dance.

3. Laugh. Little kids are hilarious to watch when they laugh. Giggle at first, and then you can gradually build into a sincere "belly laugh". Giggling at nothing can make any situation funny.

4. Enjoy life. Little kids don't have to worry about what they're wearing, or what other people will think of them, they just have fun. Remember, throw off your inhibitions!

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