Monday, November 10, 2008


damn... its so late at night and i am still here in the clients place! siow !walk walk around the entire office only got 2 living thing... which is me and my colleague. If u want to plus the Guards, then there is 4 person in this big and empty office building!

having a headache now... a small rock band is in my head! jamming inside!! Argh!! Today has been pretty fine, so far i hope! coz before the night end, we still would not know what will happen. So tigger keeps its paws cross for the best to come tonight!

Sometimes when u are at your lowest and u taught there is not way to go..there is bound to be a way that will lead you away from troubles. I was lucky enough to find that path yesterday. Although it isnt much, but i really appreciated it alot. Thanks. at least for the moment, it can get me out of trouble.. =)

with lots of love,
baby tigger

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