Saturday, November 15, 2008

espressamente illy


Baby tigger is currently sitting at illy caffe - Pavillion having his fav cup of caffe latte and having his first meal of the day.. spagettie !! woot! there are really alot of people in town today, for their weekend shopping and dining and funning. - Really alot of people here... normally i will drink starbucks daily, but when i'm in town, i prefer illy more than starbucks! alot of ang moh around me.. feels like i am in adelaide once again. and that feeling is very soothing.

do u know what i mean? having coffee and puffing away at the sidewalk, and did i mention the weather is great.. cloudy! and chilling....(also maybe coz i am seated right at the entrance, so i have air cond tooo! simply nice.

simple and relaxing. something that i have been so fond of feeling lately =) and im loving it!

we most of the time need some time alone...away from the humans and everythig will be alright...=) i love today! a great start for a saturday!

and its 3.51pm

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