Friday, November 14, 2008

Tigger power

its so very cold outside, like the way i'm feeling inside.

Currently at work yet another day, hopefully the day will end fast as i have no mood to work today. just cant wait till the day end, as it will indicate that weekend is here. Keep tigger's paws cross that the weekend would be a happy and relax weekend.
Dont want any drama or sudden swing. just want simple and smiling days..2 days is all i have, and then its back to office on monday morning!

_=-ever been in a position where things are always the oppossite that u want or wishes it for?-=_things dont happen like we always wants too. right? or maybe ur just one of the few that always have things moving your way. -=-=- Well i guess there is minority people that have that luxury in life to enjoy those things. Some i heard can even do anything they like all day long, without any worries or suffering.! _ Good For You..

--=-anyway weeekend is coming, what are the plans for weekend? i want a holiday! i want to go away to another country!

=-= love
baby tigger

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