Sunday, November 30, 2008

when the wind is not turning ur direction, change it! then

-=- always take control of your destiny, if the wind is not turning your direction, then counter it with a different approach!


The great king woke up one day and discovered to his horror that he had lost all his hair. His bald head shone like a smooth marble ball. Looking at the mirror, he became anxious about what his subjects would say about him. He felt so embarrassed and worried just thinking about it. "Since I am already bald, I might as well pronounce the whole kingdom bald." And so he ordered all men to shave their heads. The great king proclaimed: "From now on, no one should grow his hair." The wicked can turn their handicaps into a necessary attribute. (by LUEGA metal art)


dont simply do the change as it can caused alot of the end!

Two drunkards who were both very poor were talking idle inside their hut. "I have a problem,"the first drunkard told the second." "Look! I've got no shoes." "That's easy to solve," the second drunkard reassured him. "How do we do that?" the first drunkard asked. "Are you going to buy me a pair of shoes?" The second drunkard did not answer. Instead, he got a knife and cut off the first drunkard's feet. "Now your problem is solved," he said. "You will have no need for shoes now because you have no feet." Wrong solutions create new problems. (by LUEGA metal art)

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