Monday, November 17, 2008


today marks the end of the first day of the week... and it started off real well..coz i dint work late today and i dint actually worked! muahah! i did go to my clients place but i just observe they way they did their work today..coz its stocktake day..and i'll be having this the whole week! -) winks!

feels great when u only observe and u dont actually work. good sense of working experience! =) takes off the stress a lil.. =)

merry christmas to all of you!! merry merry christmas! feel the holiday air in already!

*u think u can ruin me?* i think it takes a very hard effort to do that*i am still standing strong... bring the wind, bring the storm, bring the long as i am still breathing, there is always hope... and with just hope it self, it is already enough.. my fire is still burning, u might be able to dimmer it, but its still burning strong...( like a burning wood internally. that keeps on burning...*

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